Unlock the full potential of your gaming experience with our advanced controller customization options for Xbox, PS5, PS5 Edge, and Xbox Elite 2. Tailor every aspect of your controller, from the color of the shell to the design of the buttons. Dive into a sea of choices with over 100 unique designs and features. 


Enhance Your Gameplay with Professional Mods and Features:

MZ Mouse Click Triggers: Experience hair-trigger precision.

Back Paddles: Enhance functionality without compromising on ergonomics.

Custom Colors and Designs: Choose from a vibrant spectrum of colors to personalize your controller's appearance.

Our powerful customizer tool is the most robust on the market, designed to cater to every gamer's needs. Don't just play the game—dominate it with a controller that is as unique as your gaming style.

The MZ Titan OS mod chip is a highly customizable tool for gaming controllers, allowing users to adjust and apply a variety of mods directly from a mobile device using the MZ Titan app. This chip is designed for use with controllers like the Xbox Series X and PS5, among others, and offers features such as rapid fire, burst fire, anti-recoil, and many more. The mod chip can be configured to activate specific gaming mods which enhance the gaming experience by adding functionalities like auto-sprint, quick scope, and macro mod capabilities

Users can also purchase different mod packs via the app, tailoring the controller to the specific needs of different games or preferences. This includes packs for first-person shooters or game-specific packs for titles like Fortnite or The Division, offering mods that automate or simplify actions within those games

While the technology behind the MZ Titan OS mod chip is advanced, some users have reported issues with the app's functionality and customer support, which could affect your experience depending on your specific needs and expectations.